Special Bulk Pricing at KCH Laser

At KCH Laser, we truly value our long-lasting business relationships and are thrilled to offer special bulk pricing for big orders. Just a heads-up, a valid tax ID number is needed and we do require a minimum purchase amount based on your projected ordering volume.

We get that every business is unique, and that's why we're here to help, tailoring our support for you from design to ordering. Our dedication is clear in everything we do, from our investment in the latest tech and powerful lasers, to refining our processes and constantly upskilling our team. It's all about giving you the best value possible.

Quality does have its price, but we're pretty sure you'll see the unbeatable value we bring to the table. Let's collaborate and make sure you get every perk of being a KCH Laser business partner.

Please fill out the form attached, and someone from our side will touch base with you within the next working day.