Shiplap Square Truck Base


Don't forget the glue...

The Shiplap Square Truck Base measures 16" x 16" and includes the shiplap backer, the truck, and the frame.  Designs are sold separately. This base works our interchangeable designs that are labeled "Interchangeable Set For Shiplap Square Truck" only.   Simply paint and glue the base pieces together, then pick your favorite interchangeable designs, paint and assemble then attach to base with glue dots or magnetic strips.

We reccomend Starbond Adhesive for attaching non-interchangeable pieces.

For easy painting we recommend using Posca Paint Markers

Please note, the kit does not include magnetic strips or velcro dots for attaching these pieces. For your convenience, you can purchase Velcro Dots here and Magnetic Strips here



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