When you place an order, we'll estimate the shipping and delivery dates based on item availability and your chosen shipping options. The shipping quotes page will show estimated dates according to your selected shipping provider.

Please be aware that many of our items are weight-based, and their weights are shown on their detail pages. Shipping weights are rounded up to the next full pound according to our shipping partners' policies.

  • Processing Time:
    • Standard: Wood cutouts, rounds, and similar items take 7-10 business days to process if ordered before 1:00 PM EST.
    • Multiple Sizes/Designs: Orders with multiple sizes or designs require 10-12 business days.
    • Discounted Orders: Orders with a discount code, during a sale, or that use rewards points will ship within 12-14 business days unless otherwise communicated at the time of order.

We process all orders as efficiently as possible and continuously improve our capacity to deliver your items promptly.

Shipment Confirmation and Order Tracking:
You'll receive tracking information via email once your order ships. You can also track your shipment status at any time by logging into your account.


Refund/Exchange Policy:

- Please note that all orders are final, and we cannot offer refunds. We encourage you to review product descriptions carefully before making any purchases on our platform.

Damaged or Missing Items:

- If you receive a package with damaged or missing items, please contact us promptly. We are dedicated to providing replacement items for verified damages or shortages.

Claim Procedure:

- To start a claim, email us at

Notification Deadline:

- Claims must be reported within 24 hours of receiving your order, based on the tracking number provided.

Required Documentation:

- Include photographs of the damaged item(s), packaging, and shipping label to help us process your claim. These images are required by carriers to verify the issue.

Following these guidelines allows us to handle your claim quickly and ensure a satisfactory resolution.