Highland Cow Tag DIY Door Hanger Kit

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Don't forget the glue...

🏷️ Highland Cow Tag DIY Door Hanger Kit 🎨

Showcase rustic charm with our Highland Cow Tag DIY Door Hanger Kit. This unique kit, fashioned from

high-quality birch plywood, captures the majestic beauty of a Highland cow on a tag-shaped hanger. At 18" in diameter, it offers a stylish and distinctive way to bring a touch of the countryside to your home.


  • Quality Birch Plywood: A durable canvas for a beautifully rustic Highland cow depiction.
  • Complete Kit: Includes all pieces to create a tag that exudes country charm.
  • Rustic Theme: Perfect for those who appreciate the serene beauty of rural life.
  • DIY Personalization: A creative project to showcase your affinity for nature and rustic aesthetics. (Paint and glue sold separately.)


  • Countryside Welcome: Adds a warm, rural touch to your decor.
  • Artistic Pastoral: A wonderful opportunity to craft a piece that celebrates the rugged charm of the Highlands.
  • Enjoyable Crafting: Ideal for a relaxing day spent bringing a piece of the countryside to life.

To ensure your Highland cow tag hangs securely and beautifully, we recommend using Starbond Adhesive.

Frequently asked questions

Our kits do not include paint of glue. For best results we recommend Starbond Adhesive.

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